• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • To call an emergency service using a landline or a public phone, please dial:

    999 – Ambulance
    998 – Fire Brigade
    997 – Police
    986 – Municipal Wardens (Straż Miejska)


    To call an emergency service using a mobile phone, please dial:

    112 - all services


    As soon as the call is connected, you will be transferred to the appropriate service. You may also use this number if you are unsure which of the three emergency numbers (997, 998, 999) should be alerted. You can also contact special rescue services responsible for lifesaving operations in the mountains and on lakes and waterways:


    Mountain rescue service (GOPR) – + 48 601 100 300
    Water rescue service (WOPR) – +48 601 100 100

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