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    The Polish Consul in Bangkok deals with visa applications from nationals or legal residents of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.



    Types of visas


    We issue Schengen and national visas. To find out which type of visa is suitable for your purpose of travel, please click here.



    Processing times


    The application should be submitted to the Consulate between 3 months and 15 days before the intended journey.


    We usually make visa decisions within 15 days. This period may  be extended up to 30 days and, exceptionally, 60 days, if a more detailed examination of your application and/or additional documents are required.



    Booking an appointment


    We require registration for appointments at for all visa matters.


    If the system does not show a date you want, it means there are no slots available on that date or the Consular Section is closed.


    If your trip is urgent and there are no slots available, you can email us and request an earlier appointment. We will try to accept your application at an earlier time. However, we cannot guarantee it will be possible, especially during periods of heightened visa demand. In such a case, you will have to book the available appointment date and reschedule your trip.


    After you choose the appointment date and complete the online application, the system will generate a pdf of the application form with a specific time of your appointment. Please print the application form, sign it and bring with you for the appointment along with necessary supporting documents.


    Applicants are required to submit their applications personally.



    Group applications


    If you are travelling in an organised group of 10 persons or more (tourist group, delegation etc.) and want to ensure everyone gets the same appointment date, please contact us by email at before registering for appointments in our system. If possible, we will try to schedule an appointment date so that all members of your group can come at the same time. Once you register for an appointment, we will not change the date for you.



    Supporting documents


    Please click here for a list of documents to be submitted when applying for a visa at the Polish Embassy in Bangkok.



    Financial means


    Please click here for information regarding the financial means a foreigner must possess in order to cover costs of his/her stay in Poland.



    Travel insurance


    Please click here for information regarding approved travel insurance policy companies.





    Please click here for instructions regarding biometric photographs for visa applications.



    Visa fees


    Schengen and national visa fees are 2300 THB for adults and 1350 THB for minors aged 6-12.


    We do not have express visa fees. If you are being offered such a service, it is a scam.


    We accept payments in cash only, paid at the Embassy upon submitting application.


    Please note that the fee is not refundable if the visa is denied, as it constitutes the costs of processing the application.


    Please click here for a list of visa fee exemptions.





    Please click here to access our check-list for visa applications. It will help you prepare for submitting your visa application at the Embassy.



    Collection of visa decisions


    Collection of visa decisions does not require registration at Our consular staff will inform you about the collection date during your first appointment. If you miss your collection date, you can come on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday after that date, at 14:00.





    If you received a visa refusal, you have the right to apply for a reconsideration of the visa application within 14 days from the date when you received the refusal decision.


    To apply for a reconsideration, you do not need to register for an appointment in our online system. Simply come to the Embassy on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9:00 and 12:00 and submit your application.


    The consular fee for reconsideration is the same amount as for the original visa application, to be paid in cash at the Embassy.



    Family members of EU/EFA nationals


    If you are a family member of an EU/EFA national, you are entitled to a special, simplified visa procedure. Please click here for more information.

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